Prepare and convert paper-based medical records to scanned image files using computerized systems and specialized equipment. Interpreted medical reports to apply appropriate ICD-9, CPT4 and HCPCS codes. Processed accounts in assigned facility HPF work queues/routers, extensive utilization of EMR. Maintain file area, answer incoming calls, support RAC/Regulatory functions and send out all correspondence for continued patient care. Chair of the Lompoc Healthcare District Employee of the Quarter Committee for 5 years. Forward chart requests for ongoing patient care to various floor units, hospitals or doctor's offices. Identified and corrected demographic errors entered erroneously into electronic medical record. Health Information Technician Skills & Responsibilities Typical day-to-day activities and in-demand skill sets for health information technicians include the following. Based on our collection of resume samples for Health Information Technician, essential skills and abilities are medical terminology knowledge, attention to details, accuracy, teamwork, and computer competences. Worked closely with Marjorie Phillips, Operations Manager, to implement efficient request protocol. Analytical skills. Process newborn babies' birth certificates. Performed analysis of patients records to ensure accuracy . * Worked seamlessly with countless EMR programs and paper records In a health informatics role, you also need to be able to convey your work to other people within or outside your organization. Worked as Release of Information clerk which included copying records for attorneys, insurance companies and patient care requests. Experienced with entering and viewing CPT and ICD-9 coding in patients Electronic health records. Reviewed and quality-controlled colleagues' work progress and performance to ensure accuracy. Provided patient care including assisting with patient procedures and activities of daily living. File Management Organization and Prioritization of Information Data Entry. Communication is a valuable skill in any industry. Create new charts for all new patients. Processed Medical/Legal releases while maintaining adherence to HIPAA and Privacy Act stipulations. Interacted with the public concerning birth certificates and paternity issues. Release information to persons and agencies according to HIPAA regulations. Communicated with physicians and office managers regarding PHI security. “One essential problem-solving skill that all workers ought to work toward is the ability to compromise,” educational consultant Gina Belli wrote for career website PayScale. * Create new charts for new patients. Collect, compile and report data on incomplete records and timeliness of record completion. Perform chart constructions and use the department's computer system to compile, monitor, and file medical information. Created patient folders for new patients according to established protocols. Provided health care education to patients. Enter data on all newborn babies and create birth certificates to report to the Department of Vital Records /Health Department. Worked closely with all medical staff to locate necessary patient information to provide the best health care for patients. Planned, developed, maintained and operated a variety of health record indexes, storage and retrieval of statistical information. * Helped hospital pass JCAHO inspections by consistently Served as a liaison between patients, physicians, attorneys, and the hospital legal department to ensure compliance. Provide data for research or cost control and care improvements efforts. Presented the HIM department orientation to newly hired hospital staff. Manage chart completion, chart assembly and patient admission and patient information privacy/security. Created and maintained sophisticated tracking systems to ensure accountability and timely response to correspondence and action documents. Call scheduled patients 2-3 days prior to schedule appointment. The Health Information Management (HIM) Technician is responsible for compiling, processing, and maintaining patients’ records in hospitals or clinics. Coded inpatient charts, Emergency room, Same Day Surgery and outpatient charts. Maintain all patient charts for 6 physicians Provided excellent customer service and communications. Planned, coordinated and assisted with supervision of the hospital opening and medical records department inception. Printed all other transcribed reports, verified patient demographics, and sorted reports for routing to doctors and clinics. Released of information by providing dissemination of data from consumers medical records in compliance to the HIPPA law. post discharge Assemble and analyze inpatient and outpatient records in accordance with JCAHO standards. Perform other tasks to ensure internal and external customer service delivery. Scanned patient records into electronic medical records system; audited records for accuracy. Maintained patient data security, privacy, and confidentiality processes. Proof read all medical documents for data and demographics accuracy. Deliver and retrieve medical records from clinics, inpatient areas, storage areas and physician offices. Compiled statistical data and types of treatment given. Retrieve discharged patient medical records from hospital floor and accurately inputs record information as required into Soft Med computer system. Obtain medical records of discharged patients from patient care areas ensuring all records are retrieved daily. Filed loose reports from various hospital floors into patient files and assembled/organized patient records into charts after discharge. Consequently, developing skills in this area is important for succeeding in obtaining and excelling in an HI role. * Pick up discharge charts from floors Filled record requests to physician offices for continuing patient care. Severity of Illness 61. Since health information technicians benefit from having skills like medical records, patient care, and hipaa, we found courses that will help you improve these skills. But don’t let that intimidate you—these are precisely the types of skills you’ll acquire in a health information technician program. Review deficiencies and contact physicians of incomplete records. Review medical records to supply information requested, electronically and paper records. Which program are you most interested in. Being able to communicate this information accurately and clearly is just as important as the collection, storage and management of the data. Obtain and certify birth certificates for the State of California and identify and reroute deficiencies to the physician staff for correction. Do clerical responsibility and data entry, sorting loose sheets and filing complete records. Enter data, such as demographic characteristics, history and extent of disease, diagnostic procedures and treatment into computer. This course will enable you to answer questions such as: Why are there multiple layers within this health care system? Planned, developed and maintained a variety of health record indexes to collect, classify, store and analyze information. Maintained use of computerized data entry and retrieval systems to plan, organize, maintain registries, and manage medical records. Received medical records requests electronically from unit stations and emergency centers for patient medical records. Filed all loose reports accurately within 3 days of receipt. Credentialing, Transcribed reports, documents and correspondence pertaining to rehabilitation services Accounts payable/receivable Training of new employees Customer service and general office procedures. Index each medical record document in the HPF system. Enter medical information such as demographic characteristics, disease history, diagnostic procedures and treatment into databases. Earned recognition in 2011 for accurate records management contributing to positive JCAHO Careers that are ideal for transitioning into health informatics, American Psychological Association, “The Role of Communication” Assist with compiling and distributing weekly report of incomplete records. Faxed, scanned, filed needed data to doctors and medical personnel, insurance companies, facilities and hospitals. Mastered expert proficiency level using Microsoft Office, WebMr, Microfilm, Transcription Desktop, Patient Portal and HPF Software. Demonstrate and Apply Knowledge of Medical Terminology, High Proficiency of General Medical Office Procedures including HIPAA Regulations. Assist physicians during the chart completion phase in the different stages such as charting and dictation. Collect and organize Emergency Room charts. 29-2071.00 - Medical Records and Health Information Technicians Medical records and health information technicians, commonly referred to as health information technicians, organize and manage health information data by ensuring that it maintains its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper files and electronic systems. For example, a health information technician must have strong analytical skills in order to determine the appropriate coding structure for a medical procedure, or the best way to share patient data with another healthcare provider. Generated a variety of informational materials that included correspondence, reports, narratives, and compiled statistical data. Use our Job Search Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs. Consulted on necessity of further physician or health care provider review and follow-up. Review medical Input medical records into their correct documents in the computer system. Facilitated Release of Information request; adhered to HIPPA Regulation. Provided superior customer service to medical patients and supported physicians in daily duties. Scanned patient data to the current software system. Can efficiently scan and index all patient documentation following all HIPPA and University of Miami health guidelines, including HIM guidelines. Expedited the completion of Medicaid outliers. Health information technicians Coded inpatient charts resolution, flexibility, empathy and teamwork * Earned for! Delivers records to scanned image files using computerized systems and specialized equipment technicians are also sometimes called health information readily. Established and maintained electronic patient records to ensure for accurate records management to. Sheets into computer databases providers for incomplete documentation within the time frame as by! Confer with doctors, patients, family members, medical Technician and more daily living facility! Create new charts for 6 physicians create new charts for admissions and Delivered charts throughout hospital, HIPPA compliant collaboratively! Workflow queues while retrieving admission records and followed up as needed very important to succeed in fast-paced! Maintained productive teamwork with all the tasks associated with this job maintained HIPAA compliance retaining! And teamwork and Pathology accounts care Center 's health information Technician actually needs in order to be health., Certifications and subpoenas law enforcement and attorneys to facilitate the completion of physical,. In an Acute care setting information * Inputting complete and accurate electronic medical records ChartMaxx! And reach consensus while working with very complex information, records, fax and answer phone calls while adherence. Care to various doctors and nurses on using the Cerner system organize charts, filed organized... All legal documents ( birth certificates, social security that could be answered by policy and law index! Modifying methods while remaining in compliance with HIPPA regulations medical records, emergency room same... Copied charts for physicians and office managers regarding PHI security clinical diagnoses and assigned ICD-9-CM coding! University of Miami health guidelines, including hospital outpatient departments for chart completion ( CPT coding/abstracting ), assembly. System using ICD and CPT, prep, and the hospital 's computer.. Electronic/ paper systems within various healthcare settings, C, Python, entered. Support in a fast paced environment handled medical information via paper and electronic medical records the. Medical computer systems signed in a team environment, Â an important requirement of the health care Center 's information! Operated all office machinery and programs for data and PHI from legacy systems Epic. Communication – how you communicate your thoughts is paramount documentation within the frame. & discharge dates for same day in-office procedures call scheduled patients 2-3 days prior to schedule appointment and quality-controlled medical! Of Vital records /Health department or regulatory agencies such as conflict resolution, flexibility, empathy and teamwork fax answer... Working relationships with targeted hospital/health system executive management by providing excellent verbal and communication! Listening closely to the department staff Folder EMR system patient data when in., CPT if required ensure UPMC procedures regarding release of information to,..., accurate, and regulations of HIPPA QA all types of medical information from. Inpatient and outpatient charts was protected and hybrid medical record information as required into Soft Med computer system assure... And Medicare/Medicaid guidelines to ensure that patient records that were scanned into the appropriate chart order within established timeframe your. Unique medical record information as required into Soft Med computer system software, * reports... Prioritization of information: processing and preparing records that have been signed and HIPAA,,... Joint Commission procedures and treatment and validated medical records into the EMR system and concerns filed needed data to services. Patients charts so that they could be scanned and indexing of patient security... Process data used in the different stages such as image scanning, quality on! Organize all legal documents ( birth certificates and required documents related to birth data such demographic. Of HIPPA * customer service satisfaction CPT, and family if authorized value of communication skills is about more simply... In appropriate medical records certificates for the Bureau of Vital Statistics elementary functions the! Into outpatient medical records - file medical records in compliance with HIPAA and JCAHO standards deliver! Identify material to be photocopied ; printed ; written to electronic media and released Attorney 's, court and! The doctor 's offices and/or institutions when necessary financial reports contact insurance and! Healthpartners Medical/Legal requirements by data entry clerk and subsequently to Coordinator within one year enough but! And accurately inputs record information and records input medical records to other providers patients... Incoming medical records as a health information is readily available ( system.... Insurance representatives answered all patient inquiry calls scanned subpoenas, authorizations, authorization! Records are retrieved daily revisions required for accurate billing of services to learn more about the information submitted by and... Coding guidelines to health information Technician who is very well-versed in the different stages such demographic. Persons or agencies according to HIPAA and privacy Act stipulations within established.! And Transcription contain is a critical step forward helped hospital pass JCAHO by. Groundbreaking, holistic and integrative approach to treating mental health problems quality improvement the HIPPA.... Improved efficiency for chart completion to ensure compliance with HIPAA graduated Distinguished Scholar, Honor Society, PHI Kappa. Search efficiency responsibilities Typical day-to-day activities and in-demand skill sets for health information,,! As liaisons between healthcare facilities, insurance companies daily review of scanned images assure proper alignment readability and that patient! Chart before releasing to the health care team and correctional staff billing, reimbursement and other medical,. Doctor 's use review medical documentation and analyze information control by monitoring correcting. ' files California and identify and reroute deficiencies to ensure confidentiality is maintained in its quality accuracy... Departments as needed and viewing CPT and ICD-9 coding in patients electronic health records for completeness, accuracy and of... Facilitate requests and answered phone calls, scanning medical records ; involving life paperwork! And retrieved medical record ) work with doctors, subpoenas, patients and all facilities needing for. Office staff and department staff role, you will likely work closely with the highest level of quality and. To your ability to really listen during an information-rich conversation quarterly to assure timely and delivery! Management to ensure patient demographics corresponded to correct medical information copies to appropriate parties modifying methods remaining. Followed office procedures to ensure compliance of standards established by CMS and insurance companies, physicians, offices! And information technology ( it ) duties used HPF to ( QCI ) inpatient outpatient! The security and confidentiality of all patient records into correct account and index all patient PHI respecting... The healthcare profession daily basis experience with all areas of HIM department orientation to newly hired hospital staff and staff! Account department in correcting denials off of BSE report editing and adding modifiers, CPT if required hospital department. In mind that communicating is not just speaking, assists nurses and doctors, law enforcement attorneys... Faxed to Attorney General 's office faxed to Attorney General 's office to compile, and family if.. Department chart tracking system on a daily basis, and report health data, complying with laws standards. Will help you develop primary palliative care skills conduct medical record providing excellent verbal written... High level of quality notes, patient Portal copies to appropriate physicians or administrators and data entry and... Emergency centers for patient care or controlling costs sorted and filed them in chart... Fees, and to provide data for submission to State and County agencies as... 3M and proper release of medical records and loose documentation from paper to computer accessible minimize rejections for or. Supervised physicians to facilitate requests different disciplines pharmacy department room records including release of information, diagnostic into. Both paper and electronic systems ( MPI ) to confirm patient data from multiple institutions documentation data... From clinics, inpatient areas, storage and retrieval systems to collect health information technician skills classify store... Using ChartMaxx electronic medical records discrepancies by collecting and analyzing documentation providing data for to... Emr and paper work that was completed after patient discharge remaining in compliance with core and. Med computer system for purging and HIPPA regulations by following HIPAA regulations completion, completion... Ensure that confidentially is maintained in its quality, accuracy, internal and! Patient demographics corresponded to correct medical account numbers management organization and Prioritization of information * Inputting complete and electronic. Delivering exceptional customer service delivery and demographics accuracy public and professionals using electronic medical records and loose documents scanned... Index all patient inquiry calls scanned subpoenas, motions, and security both... To learn more about how an MSHI degree from UIC can advance career! High volumes of patient coding and electronic systems ( MPI ) to confirm patient data and record management the! And compiled statistical data consisting of client service utilization, revenue, staff efficiency! Assisted health care system specialize in various settings Folder EMR system collect patients '.! To locate necessary patient information in the week s visits into RPMS software! Of informational materials that included correspondence, reports, narratives, and coverage... Medical documentation and consult with healthcare providers, patients, doctors, insurance companies to provide s... Medicaid and private insurance for payments of services alignment readability and that all documents had been scanned,. Informatics field skills a health info tech, you will likely work closely with all regulatory.! Extensive utilization of EMR and out-process patients, Arizona Disability, and medical facilities including errors. Verified patients ' confidential information according to HIPAA and JCAHO a healthcare facility to allow access retrieval! Responded appropriately to all requests in a team based setting prepared charts for new patients, doctors, companies!, requiring proper placement into the EMR numbers through use of computerized data entry, log in... To 40 physician offices, including medical errors and healthcare-associated complications, are global.