This is a slow process and new off-shoots should appear at the side of the plant which you can re-pot when they get bigger and parent plant dies back.. Paul - Swansea: Hi there, mine has gone brown, after a while, what do I do with it?. There are more than 500 cultivars of all shapes, sizes and colors. Always keep the potting soil moist, without letting the roots stand in water. thanks very much. give it a spray with a mister every day). It will grow new pups (babies alongside) then you might need to wait a while for them to grow before they will flower or try the bag and apple trick (see left).. christine Wood - United Kingdom: HI jess thank you for answer to my comment but do i cut the dead flower stem off or not.. christine Wood - United Kingdom: When i put my blue rain plant into a plastic bag with the apple do i put the whole of the plant into the bag or just the centre of the plant and do i cut the apple in half or leave it whole x. Jess - Albury: Makes no difference if you cut the flower off or not, then whole plant or not in the bag doesn't matter and cut apple or not cut doesn't matter.. gwen - angus: My blue rain has a couple of leaves that have gone brown at the tips. The flower died a month or so after I got it but the mother plant is still going strong and has produced more than 10pups over the years which are all over our house. To add notes for this plant login to your account or register for a new account. N.B. they grow on another plant for support. Vanlig Blomjord eller orkidékompost. You'd need to be in sub tropical or tropical regions to griw this outside. Its common name comes from the vase like urn formation of the leaves. is two years enough for the babies to mature? Sa floraison qui s'étale sur plusieurs mois n'a lieu qu'une seule fois. A dying and rotting mother plant does however provide nutrients for the new pups.. Kev - Hampshire : What would be a good liquid food fore to give the plant.and would a cactus compost be a good one for repotting?. You need to rid them completely. JO - Wales: HI There, like everyone else the mother plant on mine has now died. The main plant is still green with some brown tip and split leaves which I'm worried about. :). Apply once every two weeks in spring and summer but not at all in winter. A very long lasting pink flower with blue inflorescences m A tip to encourage it to flower is to let the water dry in the centre of the plant then place it in a plastic bag with a ripe apple for a week or so. Botanical name. 1400 arter, Bromeliaceae, og den er meget nært beslægtet med ananas. Any suggestions? The motherplant has some odd tiny white spots on the leaves, they do come off if I rub them really hard. Thank You. Thanks in advance Alison. (thankyou monty python). If you just leave them to themselves those pups will grow to mothers, flower and die meanwhile giving birth to new pups alongside. The flowers will have taken a turn for the worse and its probably something you've done in the past, rather anything you can do to reverse it. Plant it as the webmaster has described above.. christine Wood - United Kingdom: I have a aechmea blue rain plant and the flower has died what do i do to get to flower again?. Leon - Suffolk: Hi Webmaster, further on the subject of potting the pups (I have three) and you write they are air plants, is it OK to use orchid bark peat to pot them in as the phalenopsis orchids have a similar root system? do i keep watering it now the flower and leaves are dead or do i just mist it? No vital need to re-pot as the pup will take over from the parent, just re-pot if it is getting too cramped. If you want to encourage them to bloom then fertilise with some Epson Salts (Magnesium sulphate) and ensure they get around 4-6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Bromeliad Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Add bright, fluorescent colour to your home with this stunning indoor bromeliad. Always keep the well at the centre of the plant topped up over the growing season. I have watered into to well a couple of times. Aechmea - aechmea blue rain 6/tray longeur 25 hauteur 50 taille du pot 12; 0,7L Arrosoir d'intérieur Pratique Bleu - Haws It isn’t quite purple rain, but close! There may be more than one.. sharron watson - bruisyard: Hi there i did not see your web page in time as my partner bought me my plant some time ago and i normally kill indoor plants very quickly this time this one has lived but i did not know what it was called so didnt really know how to continue to look after it so when i saw the shoots after the mother had flowered and died i took the shoots off put 2 in water for a week and 2 straight in to soil to see what would happen and i have to say mother and 4 babies seem to be doing fine its now been a month and all are still very green and growing i have given 2 away as presents do you think they will carry on and live or am i living a dream and they will die. Webmaster - Sydney: Hello again Linda from Essex. Andrea Forshaw - England UK: Hi all. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Linda of Newcastle (in chilly UK, as opposed to rather warm NSW, Australia). And I have left 1 still attached to the mother. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Anne from Colchester, A well is a container for holding water, like a vase. We are searching for quality suppliers of this plant for you. Webmaster - Sydney: No, Georgina, nit in Ireland. In order to add a note on this plant, please add this plant Pups should appear alongside at some point to produce new flowers in time.. Gemma - Felixstowe: Hi I understand about the mother plant producing pups but do I remove the pups from the mother plant before the pup flowers? Indoor They are quite annoying in this sense that they are producing a very sticky fluid. Tål torr luft. margaret - scotland: My blue rain produced pups looked crap after the flower died it did not die and is now a very handsome specimen. Don't use heavy clay soil though as it will encourage the rather feeble roots to rot. Other bromeliads include the A. blumenavii, which is upright and light green, and the A. return (true); I have cut the dead stem off and kept the cup full with water, I have just tipped the water out to let it dry. Create a free SHOOT account and get instant access to expert care advice for this and other Other Species: 170 species in the genus - they are mainly epiphytic in their natural environment e.g. Hello, I'm confused about how much to water my Blue Rain. In the meantime please use this page for reference. Aechmea blue rain care. TheImage = document.getElementById(TheImageId); For 4 weeks it has looked really healthy, but about a week ago the stem started to look a bit mouldy and the leaves on one side have started to turn brown down the centre. Aechmea 'Blue Rain' (Aechmea 'Blue Rain') will reach a height of 0.6m and a spread Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Aechmea Bromeliad, Urn Plant (Aechmea ) 'Blue Rain' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. There have been no pups unfortunately :( Has removing the lower leaves prevented the plant from producing pups? These striking Aechmea ‘Blue Rain’ are part of the Bromelia family and are a surprisingly easy houseplant with a dramatic blue and red flower spike will last for weeks. TheButtonPintrest = document.getElementById("ButtonPintrest"); In winter keep it dry, misting to maintain humidity but do not add water to the well. In their native habitat the striking flowers attract hummingbirds as pollinators. Webmaster - Sydney: Well Alison of Grimsby, look two answers up where we cover bugs for Jayne of Solihull. If kept indoors then put it closer to the light without it being in direct light. Other common names aechmea 'Blue Rain' . The genus name (Aechmea) comes from the Greek aichne, meaning spear-like reference to the shape of the flower heads. Webmaster - Sydney: Well, Jenny, no Bromeliads like wet roots so I'd suggest removing all pot layers and giving it some space to get air around the roots while anchoring it with something solid e.g. Lättskött, tålig växt! Thank you.. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Nancy, you can't ship plants over international borders, local customs and excise quarantine never allows it. I have read somewhere that if my mother plant is still green is will produce more pups from where I snapped off the pups... is that true?. By reading from your forum I was able to care for it and eventually the main plant has given me 3 pups. Old foliage and flowers are always going to die off, so turning brown is just that first stage.. Lisa - Brighton: Hi, I received this plant in October and loved the flowers, although they were all dead by end of November. All rights reserved. I have a question: my Achmea's are having aphids, mainly on the flowers. Webmaster - Canberra (here for Floriade): Dont panic Anita, just enjoy the flower, the pup wont be harmed if you do nothing. Rightly or wrongly, I have trimmed all the mother plant's leaves right back, to leave the well (the dying leaves weren't pretty). The thing is the leaves have started to go brown at the tips as well. De vokser i barkens hulheder, hvor de optager vand og næring fra det materiale, som samles der. stones or wood. The thing is the leaves have started to go brown at the…, Can any-one tell me what I should the plant is now dying off should I cut it bk or just leave it. Let us know please.. margaretpryde - Banbury: Is this plant toxic to cats?. As in nature, mothers propuce pups who then produce pups, who then produce more pups etc. Thankful for any help :). Get expert info and easy to follow monthly care reminders for the plants in your garden by signing up for a free Shoot account. Essentially the apple in the bag trick doesn't conjure up new flowers, it just encourages the tiny flowers buds that are already formed to get going quicker. . Always keep this plant in bright but indirect light e.g. Should I empty the well and let it dry out and just mist the plant? A red stem sticks above the foliage. I'd just leave it be until it finally dies off. My husband bought me a Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Bromieliad for our new home. Thanks!. Webmaster - Sydney: Well Zed, As long as the original mother is green then there's a chance of more pups. At the top are blue and white flowers that contrast against the red stems. It will most likely be very close alongside. Lynne - Yorkshire: Hi i understand the plant needs watering into the well but i cant find anywhere that says if i should occasionally water the soil as my plant soil is really dry also when the pups appear should they be taken off and replanted please Lynne. Thank you. Bill - Townsville, Qld: My suggestion Zarah would be to forget those two and concentrate on the two that are doing well. Aechmea Aechmea. The new growth appears to be ok but not sure if this is normal. Is there anything else i could try? So you can safely cut off any brown bits but cut into brown not green, therefore you'll have to leave a thin strip of brown.. lynda dillon - manchester: sorry I may be extremely thick but what do pups look like I have just received this beautiful plant as a gift and know nothing .... it is already in flower in a small 20cm pot would I need to re pot. Lorraine - Isleworth: Hi I have one on of these plants and the whole of the middle stem with the flowers on has come away Will I get flowers again from a new stem ?. Thanks. Create your free SHOOT garden and make a record of the plants in your garden. Hope this helps anyone.. Butch - Minnesota: I really like these flowers. The flower spikes will last for many months and although the mother plant only blooms once, it will continue to produce young offshoots. There are 3 little pups now and I've been watering them and separate them from their mother pups which finally died completely after 5 months time. De plant bloeit gemiddeld 2 tot 5 … But I used a soil that had bark in. Aechmea „Blue Rain“ Pflege (Lanzenrosette) Von den Bromeliengewächsen ist sie wohl die robusteste Sorte, der auch trockene Zimmerluft nichts ausmacht. It does mean you plant will not look very pretty as the parent decays, but nature doesn't concern itself with aesthetics. Ltd. Hopefully there will be some new pups forming around the outside. And if all else fails then try wiping them off with your fingers - one on either side of the strap like leaves, then wipe along to the tip, squashing and removing any small bugs in the process.. Webmaster - Sydney: Well Georgina of Ireland I'd say that you are way too far north to grow bromeliads outdoors. So today I have decided to separate mother and 2 of her pups as they were nearly as tall as their mother. A bit is OK but they are happiest in bright, but difused and indirect light.. Mrs P - Somerset: I've had a blue rain (bought from a supermarket) for a few weeks now. Sorry for all the questions but my sister bought me this and I gather it was expensive and she'll kill me if I kill it.. Webmaster - Sydney: Gemma, you can separate or you can leave it attached, it will not affect the flowering. I have another question the plant is in an ordinary plastic flower pot and this is inside a pot which has a lip so the flower pot can't be removed. Ensure you keep them warm, humid and watered while fertilising once a month and they will produce flowers in their own time when they are ready. Pour garder votre achméa en bonne santé chez vous: Les Aechmeas ont peu de racines et un petit pot est suffisant. I was wondering where I can buy these at? To check if this plant is suitable for your garden first login to your account or subscribe. Variety or Cultivar 'Blue Rain' _ 'Blue Rain' is a tender, epiphytic, evergreen perennial with rosettes of arching, strap-shaped, glossy, dark green leaves and, in summer, red stems bearing spikes of deep blue to purple-blue flowers followed by fleshy, red fruit. Definitely a plant to make a statement with. they grow on another plant for support. Les feuilles pointues ressemblent un peu à une lance. The flower has died and it's winter, so does that mean I should only water sparingly? Cheers, Sanne. I have been excited to see these grow and sad when the flower died. The flower is also probably starting to die too, if so, there is no choice but to cut it off.. Sally - Guildford : Is aechmea blue rain poisonous for cats? The soil is very dry, I understand about leaving the mother plant and the shoots will grow off the sides etc. Maintenance: A diluted liquid feed every month or so should be applied over the growing season, and an even more dilute mix can be poured into the rosette of leaves during summer - but let this natural well dry out in winter. You'll also receive handy monthly email reminders of what needs doing. Nevertheless, according to you I shouldn't pinch it out yet in order to help the pups grow. Aechmea bromeliads are probably the most popular houseplant bromeliads on the market today. Well done and may your babies floursih.. Jenny Hiscock - UK: I have been give a Blue Rain as a present for Mother's Day. but I cannot find anyway to get one sent to me in the U.S. Can anyone tell me if they know a way, PLEASE. Aechmea is a genus of flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae (subfamily Bromelioideae).The name comes from the Greek aichme, meaning "spear".Aechmea comprises eight subgenera [citation needed] and around 250 species distributed from Mexico through South America and the Caribbean. , Scale insects The pups feed on the rotting carcass of the parent so it is providing a useful purpose even if it doesn't look that good. Probably many months later. Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Tuff och lättskött växt! Two of them seem to be doing great, but the slightly smaller two seem to be turning black from the centres (around the well, nearer to the base of each leaf). I have an aechmea blue rain. Any attached pups will be feeding of it. Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Bromeliad 'Blue Rain' A Truly stunning plant, and very very easy to look after. Where you put it is your choice, just not in too much direct sun. November L'Aechmea Blue Rain fleurit sans problème en toute beauté durant trois à quatre mois. Aechmea Blue Rain is a gorgeous bromeliad which is as spectacular as it is easy to look after. Don't forget that it is an epiphyte so doesn't suffer from being pot bound as other rooted plants do. Not sure about watering - should I continue watering into the well of the mother plant? Anne - tap water is fine, rainwater is always best.. Maggee - Banbury: The leaf edges have started to turn brown and now the flowers are turning brown. We occasionally pour some water in the tube. Originating in the rainforests of Brazil, Aechmea ‘Blue Rain' is an epiphytic bromeliad with a large flower spike that is a combination of purple and pink is a bold architectural statement in any space. also check your other plants. Put the Aechmea in a … Genus Aechmea are evergreen perennials forming funnel-shaped rosettes of strap-shaped leaves, with a terminal spike of tubular flowers often with colourful triangular bracts, followed by fleshy fruits Thanks. Reply from Beata Piwko . It won't look pretty for a while, until the old parent dies right back.. Sarah - Norwich: How long does it take for the pups to flower?. however I can help with the second part of the question - yes they can go indoors during winter and outdoors during summer, no problem.. Mai - London: Hi, Thanks for your useful info I've followed them all. Zed - Manchesrer UK: Hi. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Mai, new pups usually take between one to three years to bloom, depending on their growing conditions. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Sanne of Ghent. The flower has died and it's winter, so does that mean I should only water sparingly? Regarding re-potting - these plants are epiphytes so do not get moisture and nutrients through their roots, so don't worry about getting pot bound.